About Us

About Us

I Wheel Tyre Co., Ltd. was founded by a group of people who love cars. Established in 2023.

We and our team are people who have more than 15 years of experience in vehicles. We are professionals in repairing, maintaining, and styling all brands of cars. Whether it is a car from Japan, Europe, America, etc.

Customers come to receive services from our shop continuously. Because we have all products, all brands, affordable and fair prices.

Health requires special attention and care. The same is true of cars. We must pay attention to the health of the car. Because we want and hope that the car is good and has good performance must be taken care of Professional maintenance from our mechanic.

Quality, affordable price is one of the reasons that our company's management team wants and is the purpose of our business. Excellent quality, affordable price. It's the main policy of our shop. To look forward to the car users make a decision and trust with our shop.

All products, all brands, are all products that the company has carefully selected. Our products and services that we provide to all customers are based on world-class international standards. Because we are well aware that the quality of products and services must meet standards and reasonable prices.

If you want someone to take care of your car, please think of I Wheel Tyre Co., Ltd. We guarantee that you will be impressed for sure. Please let us serve you. You or the customer are our important people.
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